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Drop. Dry. Deliver.

We are offering kiln drying services for those who already have firewood cut and split but desire dry firewood and don’t want to wait for it to season naturally. Here’s how it works:

To take part in this unique offer, please call our Sales Office at (907) 488-6055 to schedule a date for loading your firewood into a metal basket and pay for the drying service. Once your appointment is confirmed, you will visit our Sales Office at 1205 First Ave to pay for the drying service. Then you will receive instructions on where to load your firewood along with a numbered tag that identifies your order. This ensures that you receive your specific firewood after the drying process is completed. We will give you the planned kiln cycle start and finish dates when you place your order.

Please keep in mind that when split birch firewood is dried inside the kiln, the amount of water displaced is close to 175 gallons, or 1,400 pounds! You will see the volume of firewood shrink by roughly 10%. This is why our baskets hold 200 cubic feet of loose firewood because we will end up with 180 cubic feet of loose firewood after the drying process is completed. This is equivalent to 128 cubic feet of stacked firewood, or one cord.

When you arrive at our kiln site on the scheduled load date, please check in at the small building near the gate off Pioneer Road. Look for the “Customers Please Check in Here” sign. Someone will show you where to park and fill your designated basket with your firewood. When you have finished filling the basket, call our Sales Office at (907) 488-6055 to inform us that you have finished. The kiln is cycled every two to four days, temperature depending. Loading and picking up firewood is only available Monday – Friday between 9 am and 4 pm, we can accommodate other times if needed, please inquire.

Our office will contact you after the kiln cycle is finished to confirm the dates when you can pick up your firewood. You will then have two business days to collect your firewood. The price of our drying service will depend on how you choose to pick up or receive your firewood. There are three options listed below.

  • If you have access to a dump truck or dump trailer that can haul the entire cord in one load, the cost is $185. We are unable to accommodate multiple trips for this service as our machine dumps the entire basket of firewood at once and it cannot dump less with precision. 

  • If you have a truck or small trailer and can haul the firewood in multiple trips, the cost is $225. This cost includes the transport of your firewood into a designated spot in our barn at the downtown Sales Office at 1205 First Ave. where you can back up to the platform and load the firewood yourself from your reserved bay. 

  • Lastly, if you would like your firewood delivered, our standard delivery fee would apply. One cord within 10 miles starts at $260. We will schedule the delivery within 2 business days after the kiln cycle finishes. 

If you are unable to pick up or accept the delivery within two business days, there will be a late fee of $50/day. If you do not pick up or accept the delivery within seven business days, your order will be forfeited and become the property of Aurora Energy Solutions. We are unable to loan out our baskets as they are critical to our operation.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule our drying services, please contact our Sales Office at (907) 488-6055. Thank you for considering Aurora Energy Solutions for your wood drying needs!

We cannot guarantee that the moisture content of your firewood is less than 20% due to variances in size, splits, length, and species of your supplied firewood. We cut our birch and spruce firewood to 16” length and run every log through a splitter to ensure the most consistent finished product.

Aurora Energy Solutions
1205 First Avenue
Fairbanks, AK  99701

(907) 488-6055

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